Flavored Rice

Plain Basmati  Fragrant steamed Basmati rice  R16.00                   

Jeera Pilao       Basmati rice tempered with cumin seeds  R38.00

Basmati rice flavored with lemon  R34.00   

 Chicken fried rice   Indochinese style rice with chicken  R58.00                    

Vegetable fried rice   Indochinese style rice with mix veg  R48.00                    

Egg fried rice             Indochinese style rice with egg  R52.00                      



Plain Naan             Unleavened traditional bread  R12.00                          

Butter Naan           Naan brushed with  Butter  R14.00

Garlic Naan Naan topped with garlic  R15.00      

Garlic Chilli Naan  Naan toped with chilli and  garlic  R16.00

Roghni Naan      Naan topped with sesamie seeds  R15.00

Cheese Naan        Naan filled with cheddar cheese  R39.00

Peshwari Naan Sweet Naan stuffed with nuts and dry fruit  R39.00

Romali Roti         Homemade thinly rolled bread.  R20.00

Tandoori Roti  Whole wheat bread  R12.00

Butter Roti   Whole wheat roti brushed with butter  R14.00

Chapati  Traditional Indian homemade bread  R12.00

Laccha Paratha     Brown bread made in layers,  R18.00

Aloo Paratha               Naan stuffed with spicy potatoes.  R34.00

Malabar Paratha    South Indian Special Paratha  R18.00